Saturday, September 16, 2006

Airing our dirty laundry

So, sadly, James and I (Susan) have both been suffering from allergies pretty much since we got here. Anybody know any treatments safe for babies? It is so sad when he rubs his little eyes or gets congested.

In other news, today we made a family trip to Target, where 4 out of the approximately 10 people we know here were. Apparently it's the place to be on a Saturday afternoon! Then we went to Chad's for "Separation Saturday" aka football....and the boys were distraught when OU lost unfairly. James didn't much care but instead slept through the whole game, much to my relief!

Also, tomorrow is a friend's bridal shower (an old OU undergrad friend who came here for her master's) so James is going to that with me and I'm sure he will get quite a lot of attention, as I think he'll be the only baby present. Fun times for Susan because the friend's wedding is "Edwardian" so the shower is a tea party complete with random British turn-of-the-century touches. Woo-hoo!

And laundry is proving to be more difficult than originally expected....See, we don't have a washer and dryer in our apartment, which I vowed would never happen after my laundry experiences during the first year of college, but what can you do? Luckily our friend Jerilyn nicely offered to let us use hers, and even gave me a key to her apartment. However, each time we go over there it takes her dryer approximately 3 hours to dry one our laundry is rapidly piling up, as we can only get one load done a day and can't make it over there every day (obviously) and sometimes Jerilyn needs to do her own laundry! Plus, every once in awhile I forget my key and get over there and can't get in and then James gets upset with his carseat and then the whole things gets called off for the day.Whew.

Yes, that's right, James is still not friends with his carseat. He will tolerate it if he's feeling good, and today even fell asleep in it, but generally he starts with the sad faces before I even put him in. This obviously limits the trvael that James and I can do together without Ben. I think he's still traumatized by the cross-country driving trip we took to get here....Not surprising since I know I'M still traumatized. I will never again take that long of a car trip unless someone's life depends on it. May that situation never come to pass.

Okay, I know nothing terribly exciting has happened, but I wish you could all see James and the amazing things he's doing, the fun we have chatting with each other every day and how much he can grow in one day! We miss all our friends and family and can't wait till Thanksgiving, when Grandma and Grandpa D come to visit, and Christmas, when my mom (officially, Grandma S) comes to visit. Now we're gonna go take a bath! Love to all.


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