Monday, September 18, 2006


Today was a pretty eventful day. First, James and I went on a walk again....this time almost THREE hours. It was a beautiful day, sunny but not *too* hot, although I am still not used to the humidity. However....I forgot to wear sunscreen! Don't worry, Jamesy was fully protected and not even in the sun that much anyway, but my arms and forehead are quite pink now. Oh well.

We walked on the greenway outside the art museum, and there was some really beautiful scenery. Also, we saw an antlered deer and a black snake! It was lots of fun and I'm really glad I met the La Leche League ladies that we walk with once a week. It's been really nice so far, although slightly longer than a workout I'd choose for myself....And one of the babies is only a day older than maybe some potential playmates for the future!

In other news, James fell asleep on the bed today without nursing first! He's never actually just drifted off to sleep like that before. Usually he'll either fall asleep in the Mei Tai or nursing and that's it, but today we were lying on the bed and he was just chatting to me (doing the "hoo, hoo" that makes Ben call him our little owl) and just drifted off in the middle of it. It was precious.

Also, sadly, James is having gums trouble. Yep, that's right, teething may not have officially started but there is definite pain for him in the mouth region. Tonight he's been making some sad little cries every once in awhile, and then once he gets something to chew on he's fine. The preferred chewy right now is his fist, but maybe he'll warm up to the chew toys soon.

Okay, we're off to take a little walk outside to try and cool off and maybe get James to sleep for a bit. Love to all!


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