Thursday, November 29, 2007

And here I thought sprinkles were for ice cream.

James had a pretty rough day today. He hasn't had trouble taking a nap in a very long time, but today, he did. He got so upset at the fact that he was so tired but couldn't sleep that he actually threw up a little bit. It was a rough day for us all.

Upchuck has been on the mind a lot lately, what with Megan's recent post about Ana's initiation into the Land of the Stomach Virus and Ask Moxie's post called "Vomit for Beginners."
Still, when the deliveryman came with my mother's sleep remedy (yes, Mom, we got it, thank you very much...everyone pray that it works!), I wasn't prepared to come across this item in the Fall 2007 catalog that was included in the package.

Seriously. Who got the brilliant idea to name their product "KiddieVom Sprinkles?"

Some other less-than-clear names I discovered:
Mens-Reduce (apparently it doesn't shrink your husband)
AntiCan (Wouldn't that be...Can't? note: I can't find this one on the website. Maybe they anti-could sell it.)
Natural Moves (You can probably guess what this one is for...let me just say that it's not going to make you a better dancer.)

Even though today was one of those days, the days where the edges of the world seem about to give way because you just can't hold them up any more, even though I'm exhausted and beaten, this gave me a great laugh. And laughter is supposed to be healing.

What I want to know is, what would Native Remedies call THAT medication?


At 9:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How funny! And I loved the comment about the edges of the world-poetry!
Good luck tonight!


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