Friday, August 31, 2007

Red Radio Flyer

One of the really great things we did while we were in Wisconsin was to go outside and play every single night in Grandma and Grandpa D's giant yard. James really loved it, and this has inspired us to try to do the same thing here--that is, get outside and play in the "yard" for a few minutes every day.

However....there were lots of fun things at the grandparents' house that we do not have. For example? A basketball hoop for daddy and Jamesy to put the ball into....a bat to drag around on the ground....a garden to explore...and a Red Radio Flyer.

As you can see, on this particular night, Grandpa D was hanging out with us, and Jamesy, already dressed in his PJs, was having a blast!

At times, J-man had a little bit of trouble with the wagon getting stuck....


But luckily, he had the daddy to help him out.

Also? He loves to throw a basketball, especially when he can count on the mommy to pick it up for him.


At 1:34 PM, Blogger sandra and sir charles said...

He looks like he had a blast in WI!!
Can't wait to see him..and you!
(tell ben i can't wait to see him too, i didn't want him to feel left out!)



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