Sunday, April 27, 2008


James is still trying to figure out what is the most comfortable and appropriate way to sleep on his new bed. This is what he tried out today:

Don't you love how he's actually standing up with that left leg, while his head is lying on our bed but his right leg is still holding on to that new Big Kid bed? 

Classic. Just classic silly J-man. What a goose!


At 4:33 PM, Blogger Elin said...

You've gotten this far so I dare say you will be sleeping through the night fairly soon. It took Snorri about two weeks getting used to his big kid be, he had been sleeping in a crib though. I just became a very boring mum during the nights when he was awake for hours on end, slept in his room and just barely put him back to bed and then turned to the other side (Didn't sleep much... but he didn't know that!). He eventually learned that it's no fun being awake during the night if there's nobody to play with...

On a different subject,

I'm reading Pamela Aidan's trilogy on Mr. Darcy now and I'm loving it!


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