Saturday, August 02, 2008


Once upon a time, there was a boy named James who brought us endless joy...and precious moments...and adorable utterances. For example...

Scene One: Saturday morning. I'm sleeping in. James asks to "spray," which means playing with the water in the sink. Ben says ok, and since we've done this a million times, leaves James alone for a minute to come in and wake me up. As soon as I wake up I hear James yelling "RAINBOW!" Ben runs out to the kitchen to discover James trying to make a rainbow. This consists of turning the sink sprayer upwards to try to catch some sunlight in it, thereby spraying the ceiling, walls, floor, EVERYTHING with his "rainbow."

Scene Two: Middle of the night. James starts talking in his sleep, waking me up. He's saying "Buuu...bbles....More Bu...bbles" in the saddest, most pitiful voice you ever heard.

Scene Three: Midafternoon. Melinda is here picking up Tyler, and Ben and James are cleaning their ears out with Q-tips. They come around the corner and Ben says, "Tell Mommy what you just told me." James holds up his Q-tip and says, "Ear boogeys!"

Scene Four: Morning of our 2-year-old checkup doctor visit. I'm trying to get James dressed, but he sees the clothes I've selected for him and gets upset. He keeps yelling "Other Pants!" at me, and I keep trying to offer him a choice of what clothes to wear. Finally, I get it. And then he wants to take a picture.

(Removed photo of James in his underpants.)


Scene Five: We go to the doctor, sans diapey, armed instead with our big kid Other Pants. The boy keeps asking, "Sad doctor? Funny doctor? Sad doctor? Funny doctor?" while he tries to decide which one he will have, and then finally announces to the doctor that she's actually a BIG DOCTOR. Oh, and he pees in the potty while we're there! =)


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