Friday, June 20, 2008

That Awkward Birthday Gifts Post Again

It's time again for Susan's Bi-Annual Gift Suggestions List. You may be asking yourself, why does she even bother? She's done this at least three times already and only gotten maybe one thing off the entire three lists so far. And she always has to worry, and hope that she doesn't offend someone by daring to suggest that there are certain things that might be more appropriate and helpful than others! ;)

So here's the straight talk. We do not expect people to buy James gifts at all. We are certainly very grateful and thankful for any time anyone chooses to bestow a gift upon James. But we also realize that most people who might buy James a gift live far away from us and may not have any ideas for presents, and certainly may not know what things James would love to have and/or that we have researched and know are made from safe materials, etc. I just hate to think that any of the few toys that James might receive would be things we couldn't use. It makes me feel wasteful. So, hopefully, now that you know my reasoning, you won't be so offended by my blatant requests for Stuff. Because seriously? We don't really NEED anything. So please don't feel obligated to get anything at all. I know you won't. I'm just sayin'.

However, should you be so are some goodies that we think James would really LOVE, would get long use out of, that would nurture his intelligence and creativity and imagination, would not, in other words, just take up space. I have to admit that I think most Leapfrog toys just take up space. I remember reading recently something about how a good toy should be only 10% toy and 90% kid, and I couldn't agree more.

Okay, onto the goodies.

I am in love with this wooden cow puzzle. If you don't want to get it for James, therefore, you can always get it for me. So cool. And you all know how much James loves moocows.

James would really appreciate his own broom and/or dustpan, something like this. He loves to help clean up!

James does need some actual food to go along with his new play kitchen...and we favor Melissa and Doug. Specifically, we think he'd love the Cutting Food, Cutting Fruit, and/or the Food Groups. And if you wanted to get him some little tins that he could really use to cook food, like these from Ikea, that would be awesome too!

A good set of blocks or Legos or Lincoln Logs would be great...but please make sure it's fairly free-form. In other words, we don't want Legos that are only meant to make a castle or whatever. And I always worry about the safety of the paints, so here are a few kid-friendly options I've seen, just as an example: Brio colored blocks with kid-safe paint, Brio wooden blocks with no paint, or maybe some foam blocks?

James is really getting into his cuddly toys, specifically Bunny...and although we don't want to stock up on the stuffed animals too much, we do wish he had an organic lovey, like this adorable goose.

Also of note, if you want to be more free-form or don't want us to know what he's getting, but still care that we would like him to have toys without crazy chemicals and such in them, please check out Magic Cabin. All kid-safe and environmentally friendly toys. And I love them, especially the Dress-Me Pirate Doll and the Big Book of Things to Spot. And I bet James would too.

Thanks so much for just being there for us and for James. We really appreciate you all and miss those of you that are far away. Please remember that these are just friendly suggestions and that we'd rather just see you than any other kind of gift! =)


At 7:10 AM, Anonymous Veronica said...

I am just going to refer everyone I know to your blog post for Amy's birthday, okay? Because I love just about everything you mentioned.

At the moment I am asking everyone to get her books. Even though she has heaps of books already, we really have too many other toys.


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