Sunday, November 16, 2008

What I Want

I am so appallingly lazy. Today I'm taking the ultimate cop-out route and bringing you a fun meme that's been floating around the internet for over a year now. You just type "(Your Name) wants" into Google and then see all the fun things that come up...

Susan wants to make your life easier
(Of course, dear heart. Anything I can do to help!)

Susan wants a discussion on flea and tick control
(It's about darn time!)

Susan wants to know: what's reading done for you lately?
(Because it's saved my life a time or two.)

Susan wants to open Canada's first-ever brothel
(Right after closing down Mexico's first-ever moose wildlife sanctuary?)

Susan wants a trophy this size

Susan wants more and more

Susan wants to contribute something positive and loving to the world
(Go me!)

Susan wants to go away for her and Ben's wedding anniversary
(Ironic, isn't it, since this Susan never got to go away for her and Ben's honeymoon.)

Dr. Susan wants you to become a strong and powerful young woman!
(You go, girl!)

Susan wants your opinion
(But only if it doesn't irritate me too much.)

Susan wants to play with dolls
(Not really. But I DO want to have a little girl in the fairly near dolls are probably inevitable.)

Susan wants to live for a full year in her cabin
(...with a trophy THIS SIZE.)

Susan wants to have her story told--and truthfully
(But with colorful embellishment, it might become more palatable.)

Susan wants a Brookstone Shiatsu massage
(Who doesn't?)

Susan wants to help people leave their past behind and become empowered to move forward with their lives
(This girl named Susan is pretty awesome!)

Susan wants to teach the world to twirl
(Definitely. Much better than teaching them to sing. Not all people can carry a tune anyway, and twirling, that would make the world a better place.)

Susan wants everyone to serve her all the attention
(On a silver platter. At last, the truth comes out.)


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