Monday, September 25, 2006

Just a reminder....

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to say, if you leave a comment, please make sure there is some clue as to who you are! We understand if you don't want to use your full name on the internet, but please use another way to identify yourself (initials, instant messenger name, references we would understand, etc.) And if you put your first name and aren't sending us hate messages then there's probably nothing to worry about anyway.

I'm sure we can usually guess who the "anonymous" commenter might be, but it's definitely better to be sure! And a lot of people know about this blog now, so even if we think we know, we could easily be wrong. Of course, if you don't particularly care if we know that it's you who said that, I guess you wouldn't have to leave us a hint, but we would appreciate it anyway. The less confusion in our lives, the better!

Also, we got some crazy blog-spam which also comes as anonymous. So some for of ID will help us cypher through the real and spam posts.

Love to all.


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