Friday, December 05, 2008


I am so very, very thankful for the progression of childhood language acquisition, which has caused James to tell me that "Mommy, it's nose-ing outside! Here comes the nose!*"

He also recently said, "Daddy, Daddy, play your target!" which tickled my funny bone a bit.

There are a million other cute fun funny things he says, but the amazing part is how much he can say now. He has a HUGE vocabulary and is always surprising me with how long his sentences are and some of the details he remembers. Like this morning, after the guy had come to check and see if the house needs foundation work, James told Ben all about it on the phone, including that "some guy came and looked at the house and said there's cracks in the windows."

Again, I didn't expect sentences like that for at least another 6 months...maybe closer to a year? Still can't figure out why I wasn't ready for this, but it knocks my socks off and is the coolest thing ever. I also love it when he tells me "Mama, I wanna read THIS book, it's so cute!" =)

*Note to readers: this was when we were "playing weather." It did NOT actually nose.


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