Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Guess what I did?

I milked a goat!

That's right, a couple of days ago, I milked our girl goat for the first time! We were so proud, or at least I was proud that I figured it out. Thank you to my two children and to La Leche League and kellymom for teaching me a WHOLE lot about the whole process, although of course goats are a little bit different. But it was quite satisfying to be able to figure it out and know that hey, we can get goat milk!

Of course, right now that milk would taste like weeds since we let them graze all over the place, but the actual drinking of the milk will come at a later date, like the next time she actually has a baby.

Oh, and naturally, last night when I milked her again I squirted Ben. It was totally an accident.

I swear!


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