Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yet another quick and unedited update

Some updates...hm...

First, Nathan had his two-month appointment yesterday and he weighs FOURTEEN AND A HALF POUNDS. That is a Big Strong Baby right there. He's already outgrown his size small cloth diapers AND Size 1 disposables. And then we had to go and see a 2-WEEK-old yesterday and holy cow, that was a tiny baby. Wow.

Second, I'm sitting at the library and there's a sign in front of me for a special storytime on Tuesday, June 22. And I was thinking, okay, well, that seems like a long time from now, but I guess it's a couple of weeks, it makes sense for them to go ahead and put up the notices...and I just realized that NO, DUMMY, THAT'S TODAY. This is just a small sample of how time is completely getting away from me. I'm pretty sure I'm just getting used to the idea of it being June, so why is June almost over now?

Third, my house is driving me nuts, so if anyone wants to come over and hold the baby I will clean like a madwoman and then sleep for like 2 days....or maybe sleep and then clean? It's always hard to choose.

Fourth, OHMYGOODGRIEF, James is almost 4. My house REALLY needs to get cleaned so we can party! Hard to believe how the time has flown...also hard to imagine how it will fly between now and then, when I have like 80 million things to do to get ready. But if the house is dirty? I'm pretty sure the party will still be fun! ;)

Fifth, and finally, Father's Day has passed so now I don't have to keep the "secret photo shoot" that I took of James and Nathan a secret anymore. Thus, I can share with you lucky, lucky luckies one of my favorite shots--not the best shot but the one that makes me giggle:

The boys were so great when I kept asking them over and over to smile and to stand/sit/lie in different positions (okay, Nathan wouldn't stand for me, but hey, you can only ask for so much).

Okay, I can't resist posting one more picture. It takes forever here at the library to upload a picture, but I have suffered through it just to bring you these two sweet precious boys:

You're welcome.


At 10:27 AM, Blogger Stephanie Sylvester said...

Adorable pictures by a clever mom!


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