Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Boring Update

Had a wonderful day today, including 2 hours to myself to work on filing paperwork, calling stupid insurance and billing people (no, we do not owe you $700, thankyouverymuch), and general organization-related things that usually get passed on so I can have a nap instead. Thanks very much to my amazing new mother's helper for playing with James for those two hours. And then thanks also to my wonderful friend Elise, mother of said mother's helper and three other girls, who then came over, had lunch with us, helped do my dishes, and then played with us outside for like 3 hours! Hooray for sunshine.

Now I am enjoying a few moments at the library by myself. Excellent. Except I missed my nap. I am le tired.

Still sad about Gromit, but just giving it up to whatever happens. Thanks everyone for the kind words and lol Megan about calm and gentle feelings and their likely receptacles.

Hobo Mama, I think I'm going with my goat. Touring a birth facility? Birth registry? Meh. And I do in fact mean for that to sound like my goat bleating. She does that a lot. Hungry lactating mama! Meanwhile, crap! I forgot about all those ever-so-important things to do. My midwife actually just told me that "the only thing yoyu have to worry about right now is what you're going to do about birth control after the baby's born." I just laughed and laughed.

Oh, side note, ultrasound the other day was fun. James hates the doctor appointments but liked the U/S because he gets to see the baby "on the hospital's TV." And Baby Brother is something like 5 pounds right now! Wow, time flies. That's why I gotta run. Wait, I can't run. I meant waddle.



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