Thursday, March 24, 2011

A few gems I want to remember

James has been so hilarious lately. Today he told me that he "kept saying something was not nice and (his friend) Lillian kept saying it was, and well,'s complicated."(!)

They were working out their differences and James said, "If you keep telling me that, then I won't ever play with you again," so Lily said, "Then I'll miss you every day!" and then James said, "Oh, that's very sad! Let's pretend to be scorpions then!" and then of course it turns out Lily was afraid of scorpions. They eventually worked it out though. Ah, kids! =) (Sid e note: Lily's mom also said that the other day Lily told her she was ruining her life because she couldn't have a piece of chocolate. Amen, sister!

Oh, yeah, and I also enjoyed it immensely when we were playing Candyland and he said, "Wow, Mom, you keep drawing the Prince of Frosting!" (a much better character than Princess Frostine, in my opinion!)

Sorry for no pictures. I'm not on my own computer. Some day very soon, I promise! It has been a very crazy couple of months, and I'm very glad to have easy internet access I just have to start posting pictures again for whatever readers I have left to enjoy! =)


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