Monday, July 04, 2011


We've been pretty busy around here lately.

Why do I even say "lately?" I should just make that ALWAYS.

Anyway. I would try to spend a long time updating you on all our escapades, but then it wouldn't actually get finished until October, and then all the news would be different anyway! So I present an update in my usual picture format, which anyone still reading this blog probably prefers anyway. =)

The boys love to pretend to cook. Sometimes this is in the form of playing with their kiddie kitchen and wooden "foods."'s a little more messy:

Another popular activity around here these days? Swashbuckling.

Usually I have to be "Captain James Frint," and James is "Captain John SilvAH." He told me recently that Nathan's pirate name could be NayNay Poopypants. Brotherly love at its finest! Oh, and in case you're wondering, James's superhero name is Thorin Oakenshield.

I had a birthday recently, and among other festivities, James made me a birthday cake:

Which is awesome and the best cake I think I've EVER gotten. Although, with the dairy-free life we live now, I'm fondly remembering that one year I got an ice cream cake. But the Play-doh cake? Pretty darn special. What a sweet kid. Oh, and he's blowing out the candles on it in the picture, if you can't tell. Here's a picture he took of me, and although it's not on my birthday, it's as close as I got:

See? Swashbuckling.

Nathan got a haircut recently, although I don't seem to have a great picture of that. It was his first haircut ever, and it made me sad because he just looks so darn grown up. My BABY! and moan and sigh and sob about the time flying by, et cetera et cetera. Oh, wait, here's one:

Now pause for a poo change.

Anyway. My time is running out for this post, the boys are about to come in from working out in the goat barn to build a new feeding station, which job is necessitated by the unfortunate death of one of our chickens when a goat jumped through the old one and somehow broke the chicky's neck. So. On that cheerful note....WE GOT A NEW DOG!

His name is Denali and he's about 2 and he's very tolerant. We all love him already and we are very very happy with the whole deal. Nathan thinks he's a big snuggly pillow. It's awesome.

Sorry for an incredibly unfocused post. We just got internet at our house a few days ago (on my birthday, actually), so I wanted to seize the chance to post more than one picture at once!

And now it's time for more chores. Happy Fourth of July, everyone!


At 7:17 PM, Blogger Stephanie Molchan said...

Love the pictures; especially the one of Nathan and Denali. Welcome to the family, Denali!


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