Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Our Friend Malachy

So, one of James' friends here in Raleigh is a little guy named Malachy, and we've finally gotten a couple of pictures of them together. This weekend, several of our mom friends (and the babies and daddies as well) all got together and had a big picnic in the park. It was beautiful! James was really tired out but still managed to play with Malachy a little bit:

And then today James and I ended up having Malachy over for a playdate while his daddy had to go to the dentist...good for us, bad for his daddy! And let me just say here that Malachy is about 6 weeks younger than James--but you'd never guess it from his aggressive socializing:

James wasn't too sure he liked Malachy's brand of chill but he eventually got used to it...and remembered that, unlike Malachy, he could crawl away!

Life was good once again.

No, actually, we had a great time with Malachy today, aside from the fact that he wanted to eat James...we had a good walk and the weather was beautiful and one man commented on my handsome twins! The weather has been amazing here lately and we have been going outside every chance we get. James has likewise been trying to walk by himself every chance he gets. No real success yet but he can stand up by himself for quite a while. After Malachy went home, Olivia came over for awhile and he totally showed off his mad standing skills for her. She was duly impressed but kicked his butt at crawling.

Peace and love, till next time!


At 1:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi to all! Could not see your newest pics. When I clicked on the boxes where the pictures were supposed to be the school's net nanny said I couldn't see them because they were adult/sexually explicit. You didn't say that the kids were naked when you took the pictures! I will check at home. Love to all, Mom D.


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