Wednesday, November 15, 2006

At last! Pictures can be uploaded!

Here is our little man at Halloween, which some of you have already seen. Sorry we couldn't get it up here for the day, but as usual, our internet is...troubled. However, the tech guy came to the apartment today, so maybe some of our problems there are solved!

I call this picture "Crash" because obviously that is what James has done! This is one of his favorite naptime positions/places, although it is more often the mommy who is wearing the sling. It looks good on the daddy, though, don't ya think?

And here are James and Daddy reading a book at bedtime. I love how somehow most of the pictures we take of him, he's only wearing a diaper...I swear he has clothes, and sometimes he even wears them! I also love this picture because of how James is holding onto Ben as they read. And, what a fun classic book to be caught reading, too! Good times and precious memories.

We have all been well, although we're still recovering a little bit from Ben being gone to St. Louis all of last week for a conference. James and I went on a walk this morning and are considering going to yoga at the apartment complex tonight. We are getting really excited to get to see Ben's parents and brother at Thanksgiving!

We miss everyone. Hope you're all doing well. Loves!


At 12:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We can hardly wait to see you all at Thanksgiving. It's exciting that we will be able to spend so much time with Andy, too. If he agrees, we will stay until Saturday! I'll keep you posted. James in the duck outfit is adorable. As always, brings a tear to my eyes! I was talking to the Heyer secretary about seeing you and James next week and guess what -- teary eyed again. We love you all so much and look so forward to our visit. Love always, Mom


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