Thursday, October 12, 2006

Bevo BBQ

This is how James managed to get through the day at Chad's this past weekend:

Here is James kissing the mommy back! How cute can he get?

Here is a family photo for those who keep asking us to include ourselves in the picture...Although I'm not sure why, as obviously James is cuter!

So those are only a couple of the very fun pictures we have now. Luckily we have Jerilyn to take pictures for us, as we do not get our camera out often enough!

For those of you who don't know, this past weekend was the OU/TX game and Chad grilled steaks for everyone who eats meat and we had a friend come up from Florida and two from Georgia and one from Oklahoma to celebrate with us so it was a big party! Lots of fun.

In other news....James went to the doctor for his check-up today...95th percentile weight and height, 90th in head circumference, so he's well-proportioned as well as large compared to other babies, which we knew....But, I'm taking guesses for his height and weight...let's see what you know about 3-month-olds! I'll post the answer in a few days with more picures, hopefully.

Love to all!


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