Saturday, September 13, 2008


If you accidentally freeze Play-Doh, does it have any long-term effects besides making your tv dinner smell suspiciously like childhood?

If your two-year-old loves to count to ten but hates and is boycotting Four and Five, is there anything you can do to make them feel less left out? Like, should you start to randomly shout them out during conversations so they feel they're getting enough use? No? This might confuse people? Are you sure?

If you go out for your anniversary and leave your child as his little friend's house for a couple of hours, and when you go back to get him, he doesn't want to come home, does that mean it's finally time for a spa weekend? Does anyone want to pay for a spa weekend for me?

If you go to an event called The Dog Olympics and you're standing in front of the Large Dog Limbo and watching it and someone asks you whether or not you brought a dog and YOU OBVIOUSLY DON'T HAVE A DOG WITH YOU, is it inappropriate to bark and just pretend that you don't speak Human?

If you can hear Grandma on your computer but you can only see yourself on your webcam, WHERE GO GRANDMA?

If you never have access to a computer except for a few stolen moments on nights and weekends, then how can you come up with posts with any real content?

I think the answer to all of these questions is I HAVE NO IDEA.


At 10:02 PM, Blogger rach cortest said...

You are too funny!! love, Rachel

At 3:06 AM, Anonymous Veronica said...

Is it bad that I laughed lots while I read this?


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