Thursday, November 20, 2008

Oklahoma driving

Today I'm up at my mom's because I ran out of insulin syringes at "our own home," as James likes to refer to it. So, free and easy internet access, hooray!

On the way up here, I was almost plowed over by a good ol' boy on the highway. This led me to reflect upon a possible post concerning Oklahoma drivers. I've always heard complaints about them (us?) but for the most part ignored them. The truth as I see it is that drivers from ANYWHERE have their own special set of problems, so it's not very fair to complain about Oklahoma drivers.


Now that I've lived in another place and experienced the insanity of North Carolina drivers, I feel my time to complain has come. Are ALL Oklahoma drivers paranoid and reactive? Or is it only half of them, and the other half are oblivious and content to drift into and out of lanes at will, and to drift 20 miles over and/or under the speed limit as well? These people are going to give me fits if I'm not careful.

I'd also like to complain just a LITTLE bit more about how frustrating it is that in Oklahoma you have to drive EVERYWHERE, that things are SOOOOOOO spread out. I hate it. That is one thing I learned I love about the East Coast--cities there weren't necessarily designed for The Car Gods, and they often turn out better because of it.

Welcome home?


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