Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ha Ha Ha

Today, as James and I headed to pick Ben up from work, I turned on the radio. We were listening to a radio show where the topic was "things you do on company time," and call-ins included someone who slept on the job with a towel and a bottle of Windex in hand; someone who watched movies and old re-runs of Law and Order on her desktop while supposedly working; and, naturally, someone who gave herself a 45-minute pedicure "on the job."

Then someone called in to say that they had witnessed someone sitting at the reception desk of a hotel and using a flat iron to straighten her hair. The jockeys started talking about how one of them had a flat iron in her desk drawer for when she went out to dinner events straight from work or whatever, and also in case of "weather like today, when it's so humid I have no chance of my hair staying straight all day."

I about ran off the road. THIS is humid? Was she SERIOUS? My cracked and bleeding hands didn't think it was very amusing. I still can't decide whether A) she was joking, B) this show was taped in July or C) that girl's hair would react to "humidity" in the Sahara.

Whatever the case, tonight I'm thankful for a good sense of humor. If I didn't take my semantics so seriously, I might say that that was ironic.

As it is, I'll just say it's improbable that anyone can consider this weather to be humid, and that my skin is the ultimate proof of lack of moisture in the air. Good grief!

...Speaking of semantics, for a good linguistically-related laugh, see The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks. For a plain old good laugh, see Cake Wrecks. Ah, the hours of laughing at my computer screen. Bliss.


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