Saturday, February 21, 2009

Do YOU know what a Nos-tris is?

Here are some of my favorite things James has said so far this year, aka James' Greatest Hits 2009. The first two are what you might call crafty or devious if you weren't paying attention and didn't realize he's just really SMART! ;)

We were driving home from the library the other day, and I had low blood sugar. I had no snacks with me, sadly, so I grabbed an Evil, HFCS-Laden Dr. Pepper from the vending machine at the library. James asked if he could have a drink, but I said, "Well, James, it's really not good for us. I only have to have it because I'm low." He came back immediately with "I'm low tooooo!" in the cutest ever little kid happy voice. So I explained that I'm awfully glad that he can't get low, because that means he's healthy and doesn't have diabetes like Mama. So then he started fake coughing and saying with great drama, "Mama! I need a driiiiiiiiink! I'm coooooooughing! *cough cough cough*"

Also, we made a deal that he gets to watch internet videos on Mondays, and Mondays only. He asked on Wednesday if he could watch digger videos, and I said no, it's Wednesday. He got a silly grin on his face and said, "No! Silly Mama! It's Monday!"


"Daddy, don't stink! It makes me cranky." (By the way, that last word comes out as cwank-wy. Too cute, although the general statement is kind of confusing. I *think* it comes from a game where Ben sniffs James extensively. But then again, maybe James would be happier if Ben showered more? I don't think he stinks, but you never know. Ha ha!)

"I had a toot! Toots can't hurt my bum." (Unlike poo, which gives him a rash, so we need to put it in the potty.)

Daddy: "I'm gonna make some chocolate."
James: "Mmm, that's delicious!"

Driving down the road after the ice has begun to melt, Daddy making the water splash up on the side of the car: "Daddy! Grover says you're making a TERRIBLE MESS!" (Have we been reading a little too much The Monster at the End of This Book?)

Last night at dinner, butting heads with Mommy: "Mommy, you're a nos-tris, and I'm a nos-tris! We're a nos-tris!"

..Which, after extensive thought, we figured out was the word for RHINOCEROS and that we had perhaps also been watching too much Planet Earth. He also calls the snow leopards "kitties" and loves to watch one hunt a hoofed creature of some kind that we call a deer. And we love sharks, even though we have yet to grasp the concept that they are huge, or the one that they eat lots and lots of things. James told me the other day that maybe the big blue heron in the pond was eating a shark. Hm...maybe not ENOUGH Planet Earth?

Kids really do say all manner of hilariously cute and funny things.

Happy Weekend!


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