Monday, June 01, 2009


My son no longer believes in playing indoors. Yesterday morning, as we were sitting down to breakfast, he was like, "Can I take mine with me outside?" He went outside and ate breakfast while playing with his new dump truck (from our realtor) and grader (from the previous owner of the house)...while Ben and I sat at the kitchen table and ate. It was awesome!

I have a small hunch that James is really, really, really going to like growing up here.


At 12:46 AM, Blogger Hobo Mama said...

Oh, yea! It sounds lovely.

Our boy would live outdoors if we'd let him. We've been gathering equipment to make being outside all the time this summer more interesting to the adults in the situation: a new bike and child's seat for me, scooters for both boys, and lots of outdoor games to play on the beach or our little patio. I can't imagine having a whole yard with chickens to play around in! :)

Good luck with the rest of the move. We're still hanging pictures, and we've lived here two and a half years. Ha ha! Don't follow our example or anything.


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