Tuesday, July 26, 2011


We have been SOOOO busy around here. Seems like I'm always saying that. Hm. Maybe I should just get used to it? Easier said than done.

Anyway. We had J's birthday, and one set of grandparents visiting, two book clubs, a baby shower, babysitting, two--no, THREE dentist appointments if you count the one tomorrow, another set of grandparents visiting, my mom coming down I think twice (outside of parties), taking care of neighbors' animals and such due to vacation AND medical emergency, dog to the vet, new windows put on our house yesterday....I can't think of anything else right this minute that's happened in the last 2 weeks but yeah. Busy-ness.

And it seems during all of this that I've either not taken pictures, or at the very least, not uploaded them to the computer. Hence the lack of posting.

I still don't have any relevant pictures. But Nathan has been growing and changing so quickly lately, and I've been trying to remember what it was like when James was this age...you know, ALMOST FOUR YEARS AGO. I feel really sad that I haven't been keeping as much of a blog or even journaling for N nearly as much as I did back then, because it's really neat to go back and read some of that stuff. But for today, and for this blog, I thought I'd go look back at some of our pictures...which remind me how much N actually does and doesn't look like J. Wow.

For example, here's Ben and James at Chad and Jessie's wedding in 2007...he was actually about a month younger than Nathan is right now.

The mind boggles at what our life was like then versus now--not in a good or bad way, just WOW. Very Different.

So then I started looking at what it was like when Nathan was a teensy baby. Again, it's incredible but also incredibly common to marvel how the time has flown. Still:

Where did it all go? My first baby is now five and speaking in stereo and very LOUD! and very into Legos and Robin Hood and Chicken and Cat and The Hobbit and Kenny and the Dragon and all these other things like Doing It Myself and Needing Mom To Do It For Me But Throwing A Fit About It. It's hard to remember exactly what it was like when he was so small as Nathan--and then it's hard to realize how grown-up and independent of a one-year-old he has become. And it's equally hard to realize that everything I just described can be true for a one-year-old just as much as it can be for a fiver! =)

Nathan...I'm sorry I haven't been able to create as much of a record of your babyhood as I could do for your brother. Hopefully, he can fill you in on whatever I've missed/forgotten about with his own memories of you as a baby!

For now, I'm just trying to keep up with everything. SO lucky to have it all! Peace and love till next time~


At 1:50 PM, Blogger Stephanie Molchan said...

I can't imagine a more grown-up and independent 1 year old than Nathan! He is practically ready to drive. So full of personality and curiosity. And those sound effects! Hard to capture them in a photo. Loved the flashback photos. The time goes by so quickly! I'm fortunate and blessed to get to spend summer days with you guys.

At 8:50 AM, Blogger Stephanie Molchan said...

Almost two months since this post! It's a really good one, but it leaves me wanting more...=)


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