Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Quick self-portrait

It's hard sometimes to get pictures of myself with the boys. Or of me and Ben. Or of any grownups, really. It's so easy to point the camera at my two beautiful babies, but it's hard to do anything else besides snap shots of them and then run frantically after them to contain the next disaster! (Okay, that was a little more negative than usual. I'm pretty exhausted today. It's not all disasters. But it's a very high-energy job, this parenting gig.)

Anyway. Here's a recent (pre-haircut) self-portrait of me and the boys, that I love:

And because I only have a few seconds because Nathan FINALLY fell asleep just now and James has been begging for his They Might Be Giants movie (just now, he said, "I'm just DYING to watch it")...I will quit the commentary and leave you with Nay's self-portrait, in all its oogley smooshy delicious baby glory:

Gosh, even on the toughest days....these are the most amazing and wonderful creatures I could ever have imagined.

Now give me a nap with a high-powered dose of caffeine at the end of it to keep me on my feet! =)


At 1:54 AM, Blogger Stephanie Molchan said...

Adorable pictures! My favorites!


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