Sunday, December 11, 2011


I wish I had a more coherent way of keeping track of the wonderful things the boys say. I know there are better ways out there, but so far I am only organized enough to collect them all....well, okay, not facebook status updates, and occasionally blog some.

For example, I posted on facebook the other day when James said, "Mom, I wish I was God, because...he doesn't have to go shopping!" a sentiment with which I can heartily concur (the second part, that is, not the first). Note that he said this just as we were heading out to do errands. Poor guy!

And then today, Ben finished the bed frame that he actually built. I am so proud! My carpenter husband. And about 5 seconds later, Nathan drew all over it with a green marker...and said very clearly, "ME! YAY!" Which was about the only thing that made it okay. He is just too cute for us to get very upset. Ever.

I hope I always remember how when he wants milk he says "Mago Mago!" and we joke that it's a country, like Bora Bora or something. I hope I can keep track of how right now he says "eye" for eyes but "ow" for brows...or how he thinks a blanket is a HAT! where you go to EEP! (insert snoring noises here).

I hope I can remember the funny jokes that James tells too. A lot of the time he tells jokes that go like this: "Why did the mustard get into the potatoes? BECAUSE IT FELL INTO THE POTATOES, HAHAHAHAHA!" But today he had an actual funny. I was naming off Christmas carols, and then made a comment to Ben about making sure Nathan didn't put fork marks into our table again. It went something like this: "Silent Night; O Holy Night; O Little Town of Bethlehem; Away in a Manger; You have to watch him with that fork!"

And James immediately said, "Oh, I don't really like that song, You Have to Watch Him With That Fork!"

I think he fits in well here after all, don't you? What a wit!

Gotta love 'em. And I do. My great hope is that they always DO know how much.


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