Friday, December 02, 2011

Still puttering along

Every day that I can, I try to get the boys outside and run around. Lately I've been raking leaves like crazy. I don't actually get that much done in the grand scheme of things, but I just assume it's good exercise, for me, and for the boys!

Today, however, was an errands day. And I must say, I really dislike having to go shopping during the Christmas season. It was a zoo out there. And now I am exhausted. But, no surprise there. I did get a few more present ideas, and thought I'd share...
1. James really really wants some footie pajamas! He's got footie envy. That would be either size 5 or 6, not really sure on that but both would probably work, and I always err on the large side.
2. Nathan needs a magna doodle! I don't know any better way to get through a car ride, and our old one finally bit the dust.
3. Big present...James would love his own camera.

By the one's told me what YOU want for Christmas yet!

Good night!


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