Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Worn out already, and I still haven't done much.

You know how it goes...during the day, I get all kinds of ideas of what I might want to or get to post on. But then the day goes flying by. You make a trip into town, you take a walk with the dog, you play with the kids and you make a delicious-smelling stuffing that you can't eat yet...and then after you wrestle everyone into bed, because that's the kind of a day it is, you sort of sit on the couch going....Hm....what can I write about? My brain....empty....zzzzzzzzz. So here's a random assortment of what comes up when I try to think of what I was thinking about writing earlier.

1. I made the stuffing without onions, even though I LOVE onions, because my sister and her baby can't have them. Then I realized that I had put almonds in them and I'm not sure my other nephew can eat them, although I *think* he can. And I'm making the stuffing in the first place because if anyone else made it, it'd be sure to have dairy, and then we couldn't have it. I hate food allergies! Stupid GMOs and pollutants and toxic crap and x factors.

2. I don't have to host tomorrow and still my list of crap to do is a mile long. I didn't ever clean out my car, so that's going on to the "Would've Been Nice" list, but I still have to pack us a bag with enough food for the whole day for at least me and Nathan, change of clothes for the boys and diapers for Nay, pump change set because I'll also have to change my pump tomorrow, camera and cell phone which need to be charged, house which needs to be dog-proofed, laundry needs to be done because J and I are running out of pants, insurance still needs to get called because they forget that they have proof that I'm covered (lovely, and I can't do that tomorrow anyway), I need to pick out clothes for us all to wear tomorrow and it'd be awesome if they didn't clash so we could take a picture...I still haven't even brushed my teeth for bed tonight...

3. Why are so many books about Robin Hood weird/depressing? One book we got was a graphic novel, and it wasn't too bad, James really liked having all the pictures, but then either the text and captions say the same basic thing but I *have* to read them both, or the pictures have too much violence or a weird-looking Maid Marian or something. One book we got had a ton of pictures but they were actually creepy. The people looked unhuman, more like goblins or something weird, and everyone had a deranged look on their faces, and there was a lot of violence and the ending was awful. Weird.

4. I'm reading a biography of Stephen Colbert. I *heart* Stephen Colbert. Brilliant.

5. I realized that what I said about Life is Beautiful might not have made it clear that I know it centers on all the really sad horribly WWII stuff. I actually thought it might be really awful, because we all know that sometimes when something wins lots of awards, it's because it's awful, but I was and still am hoping that it turns out worth it. I don't know. We'll see.

6. Ben wants to show me some cool fun chess thing so I'm off because otherwise I'll never manage to make it to bed. Love to all!


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