Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Long Week!

So. It's Tuesday, right? It feels like the Friday of a very, very long week. I don't know why this is but I am exhausted!

I've been doing a lot of projects online lately. Don't really see how that would make me exhausted, although of course that's not the only thing I've been doing, but I've been working on gifts for others for Christmas in various areas, and working on Pinterest especially to create a good list of crafts we want to do, and working with Snapfish for my newest tradition: every New Year's Eve, starting this year, I want my family to create a yearly photo album, or to create however much STUFF we need to memorialize the year in pictures and then be done with it and be able to enjoy it.

Anyway. All of this is just to say that if you happen to want to know what we want for Christmas, I've also been playing around with Amazon's wishlist stuff. This is not a formal wish list at all, because I've just been sticking things on my wish list that I like and maybe think would somehow translate well into a REAL wish list...maybe in a few more days. But it's good for ideas. For example, I need some shirts; both boys would enjoy Legos; J would love a magazine subscription. We love board games, would love some "experience" gifts like movie tickets, etc...But here's the Amazon list I've made, just be aware that it is not edited for public consumption, it's just me thinking out loud! I don't really expect anyone to get us a vacuum, for example, but maybe we could get one for ourselves? However, if you WANT to get us a vacuum, go for it! And soon enough I'll publish a list of our polite requests for things we love that would be useful to us. Although we always like to make the caveat that we'd much rather just spend time with our loved ones!

Wish list

And now I better get to sleep. Love to all, see you again soon!


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