Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Quotes and such, part 1

Today was the Day of Funny Quotes. Let me see if I can remember them all...

1. There's a game that Daddy and Jamesy play where one of them will spell something funny and then do it--the favorite is "Jamesy, what does P-O-K-E spell?" and then J says "POKE!" and pokes Daddy. So today, both boys were sitting on the potty at the same time (big kid, regular potty, little kid, baby potty), and having a chat, which was cute in itself. But then J said, "Nathan, what does P-O-K-E spell?" And Nathan said, "POKE!" and poked James. It was so hilarious! We all had a huge laugh at that one. And...bonus! we're teaching N how to spell at age one. Awesome.

2. This brings me to feeding time. J usually measures out the scoops of dog food for Denali, and then N takes the food over to the spot, and then both boys tell the dog when he can go over and get it. But J always counts out loud, "One...two....three...four!" so yesterday they were doing their thing and J went, "One..." and then Nathan went, "Two...three..." And...he can count too! Genius.

3. But then we have baking. A few days ago N and I baked some sweet potato and pearsauce bread (which, oddly enough, tasted a lot like gingerbread) (not that that's a bad thing, as it was delicious!) and when I added the sweet potato puree N said, "POOP, Mama!" I won't make any other comments about that but you can draw your own conclusions about how that puree looked. So then N kept asking for POOP when he wanted to eat the bread, which we all thought was pretty funny. Then TODAY we baked peanut butter cookies, and discovered Nathan's word for cookie is "Doodie!" So James, especially, really enjoyed all the poo references.

4. Here are some sentences that N has said recently, by the way. He seems to be one of those all-or-nothing kids, who had very few words and then BAM! paragraphs. He told me "Mama! Go poop!" when he, in fact, needed to go poop (and let's not talk about how awesome it is that he's practically potty-training himself). He will say "Me! Up! Now!" and "More eat (apple) (banana) (avocado) (doodie) (etc)." He will tell me "Doggie bite!" when Denali is rolling around on the floor.

Okay, honestly, he's been saying way WAAAAAAAAAY more than that but I gotta go! We've been having a really good but really busy week this week and there is just so much to do. I admit, when I get into a cooking groove, it's really a lot of work to make so much stuff, but MAN, it is nice to have such deliciousness! Tonight we had homemade chicken noodle soup, last night we had a new jambalaya recipe I found that was wonderful, and the night before that we had roast chicken...and of course there's all the baking. Tomorrow, vegetable barley medley for dinner and pumpkin pie for dessert if I get the chance!

Good night all!


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