Monday, November 14, 2011

A Surprisingly Good Day

So, last night in the night, Nathan definitely was feeling some intestinal discomfort. He was tossing and turning and groaning a good bit...BUT it definitely was not nearly as bad as his reactions have been in the past. No throwing up, no crying, no full-on waking up, and it ended around 4:15 this morning. So I'm going to say that gives me hope! Maybe in a few more months I might get to have CHEESE again!

I'm still exhausted, naturally, but I had a pretty productive day. I raked leaves, swept both my porches, ran the dog and kids and goats around outside, did two loads of laundry and folded and put them away, cleaned the kitchen and swept and mopped the floor with the kids, got a short nap and then did T-Tapp to help with my back pain, perfectly timed dinner to be ready right at 6:00....

Who cares if I never got around to brushing my hair today, right?

Also, must post pictures of 1. kids' crafts from the other day and 2. kids' haircuts from yesterday but first I must download them! And...I'm still too lazy to do that. No, scratch that, I'm too tired!

Good night, everyone. I'm trying not to feel like I'll be worn out tomorrow. It worked for me yesterday...;)


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