Saturday, November 19, 2011

Just another busy day

Today we went to our parent meeting/kiddie playdate that we do once a month. Then we went out to lunch. Then we went and shopped for mattresses (go to the mattresses?), which the kids LOVED because we were the only people in the store and we just let them run around and play peekaboo and otherwise be a nuisance, except of course they weren't being a nuisance, they were being KIDS, and they weren't bothering anyone, as our salespeople were somewhat comatose...I'm thinking business has not been that good lately? Or maybe they had a very heavy lunch.

Anyway. Then we came home and Nathan had a nap while James and Ben played chess and Connect 4, and I dealt with a low and also felt awful for a while there. Very sleepy, and also a huge headache and my back and neck are all out of whack. I haven't done T-Tapp for 2 days. I need me some T-Tapp!

While brings me to a subject on my mind--weight loss. I started losing weight at the beginning of this year, and it really slowed to a halt around June or so, and lately with all the hormone crazies and the blood sugar swings and my least favorite thing, HAVING to eat when I'm not hungry, I think at least a small portion, if not a large portion, of that weight has come back.

Reflecting back on the last year, I've realized that the only time that I was really easily losing the weight is when I was cleaning house. So, every two weeks, I need a 3-hour exercise session, that I get paid to do, while my husband happily watches the kids (or some other free childcare arrangement).


Yeah. So I need another plan. It felt really good to lose that weight, and *I* felt really good, more energetic and able and less achy and sleepy. (Okay. I was still sleepy. But only when I didn't get to sleep because of the baby!)

But I have yet to feel able to make myself exercise, in the middle of all else I have to do, for a significant amount of time, because I'm trying to conserve energy and also trying not to crash and have a huge low.

So I don't have energy because I can't exercise and I can't exercise because I don't have energy. Sigh. Sometimes it really stinks being a diabetic.

Okay. It stinks a LOT to be diabetic. But this is one incarnation of that that I'm dealing with right now.

And I'm very sleepy after our busy day, so I'm off to veg for awhile until I can drag myself to bed. Good night!


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