Saturday, November 10, 2007

Christmas wishes, continued.

All we really want for Christmas is to be able to see our family and friends. However...we have a son who needs a predictable schedule and regular napping to be happy. We also have no money for plane tickets. So I highly doubt we'll be going anywhere this Christmas.

Thus, in light of my post yesterday, I thought I'd let you know some other things we WOULD appreciate, since you're probably unable to come out to NC and celebrate with us. There is a great site called Cool Mom Picks that had a whole post about great safe toys, from which many of my own "picks" have come. You can find that here.

First of all, James still doesn't really have a "lovey." And since he's recently started cuddling everything under the sun, I think he's ready for one. This goose and this monkey are two of my favorites.

We also don't have any building blocks yet. Here is a classic set that I love. Here is a cool block tower you can pretend with. And here are some amazing fantasy play sets (rodeo set, zoo set, etc...I'm lovin' the African safari) that I think would last for a long, long time around here. In fact...Ben and I would probably play with them too.

James is really into choo-choos right now. And he would do just about anything for a pull toy like this elephant. Or you could just get him a rocking horse.

I mentioned earlier that he is really into music, and musical instruments are great gifts. For his birthday, we got the clatterpillar and maracas from Music Together that I asked for. Thank you Rachel! We could also use a drum like this one or these cool animal shaped instruments.

Also, the musical instruments are the only thing we got from our last wishlist, so you could check that out for ideas as well. We still need Goodnight Opus, my favorite bedtime book ever.

But if you decide not to get us anything, that's okay too. We don't mind. Just trying to make life a little easier for everyone. And we still wish you could just all come visit!

It's really too sad that you can't be here to watch this little guy grow.


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