Sunday, November 04, 2007

Midnight Visitor

After an approximate 6-month detente with teething pain, war has been declared on our poor Jamesy's mouth again. He must be getting some important teeth, because for the last 3 days or so, he has had the copious amounts of drool that I remember from his 7th and 8th month, when he was cutting his very first teeth. Also,the fussiness and the inability to sleep well? They're back too, to our great delight. Poor kid.

So the other night, we put him to bed, which took us just a tad longer than usual because of his discomfort. (Yes, teething remedy was used, have no fear.)

And then, about an hour later...this guy wandered out into the living room.

This is the first time that he's ever just woken up completely that early after falling asleep at bedtime. Sure, he'll wake up at 3:00 sometimes and want to play in the middle of the night, but this was unusual for him. And since we were still up, we used the opportunity of his sleepy delicious babyface presentation to take pictures.

We had to have the obligatory "reaching for the camera" shot as well.

So Jamesy was pretty happy even though his poor little teefs were so sore. But the Daddy...he wasn't doing so well.

And, as usual, James had a great time being silly with Dada. Even in the midnight hour, we somehow manage to have a good time with this little dude.

Hopefully the toothiness has passed somewhat. If not, you'll be hearing a lot more about that particular facet of our lives, I'm sure!

Here's to teeth coming in and the accompanying sleep-full nights for Mama and Dada.


At 10:13 PM, Blogger rach cortest said...

The DADA is too cute. Hope little Jamesy is feeling better. rachel


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