Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday Night, No Fever...Yet

Things are going all right here. We had some help from family last weekend, and are FINALLY feeling mostly better now. We even had Tyler four days this week, and lived to tell the tale!

Here's a pic I snapped tonight for your viewing pleasure. The boy's feeling pretty happy, in case it's not obvious...

We're still worn out and somewhat swamped, but things are gradually improving. I'm going back on the vegan diet in the hopes that that will help clear up all this sickness, so I'm sure there will be plenty for me to tell you about that experiment soon!

Sadly, I don't think the boy can live without cheese, and I know Ben doesn't want to live without meat, so it looks like I'll be going it alone....again. More updates on the new diet and many other events and pictures soon. Love to all~


At 10:22 PM, Blogger sandra and sir charles said...

yay! finally a picture! James looks soooo grown up! I'm glad you guys are feeling better, good luck with the diet!


p.s. i have been posting lately


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