Monday, September 22, 2008


I have two diabetic requests for you today. The first is rather general, may not apply to you if you are past the season in which you might have young children, and does not directly benefit me. The second is highly personal and could benefit my life in untold ways. So here goes:

1. Let your kids play in the dirt. Let go of any ideas you have of bacteria being evil green goober-looking things like in the Clorox commercials and try to rein in the urge to over-sanitize. Why? Well, because of this new finding that supports the Hygiene Hypothesis. You see, the incidence of Type I diabetes has been rising in the past few decades, and one possible explanation is that our kids are not exposed to as many "friendly" bacteria in early childhood, and therefore, their immune systems don't learn how to work right to distinguish between the good and the bad, and end up attacking their own pancreases (is that the right plural there?), resulting in the diabetes. This can also cause allergies and asthma. (Note: this is my highly simplified version of the explanation, obviously.) My own personal (read: non-scientifically-endorsed) reasoning suggests that the rise of this problem is probably related to the positive fact of also being exposed to fewer "mean" bacteria. Thus, while it isn't your fault if your child gets diabetes, you can help re-introduce the idea of friendly bacteria, and ignore the crazy commercials where every surface is teeming with little monsters waiting to gnaw your child's hand off. (Aside: those commercials really bother me. Can you tell?) So, let the kids play on the floor, let them get dirty, and relish the fact that you just might be helping them avoid future illness. On the other hand, washing hands before eating a meal is still advisable. ;)

2. Help me get a pump?


I really wanted to go on the pump about three years ago...but then I found out I was pregnant with J-man, and that idea went out the window. You don't want to mess with your system while pregnant if it's already working--you want have the most stable blood sugars possible, and the learning curve for a pump was a little scary for me, since I already had what is considered "good control." But I worked my BUM off trying to stay in good control with James, and it was really, really, REALLY HARD. And exhausting. And then I had James, quit my job, moved across the country and got on student health insurance, and have been slightly preoccupied with, you know, the monumental task of getting out of bed in the morning ever since.

But now I'm ready. And I've been talking with a Medtronic rep, and my insurance, and my doctor, and I really really want to do this. But my insurance only covers 90% (which is actually pretty good), leaving me with a bill of $702.72. So...

If you know of any good side jobs I could do, or if you have any Spanish documents that need translating, or if you need a babysitter, or if you would like to donate to the cause, please let me know. I WILL find a way. My quality of life will go through the roof if I get this pump, and I'm pretty desperate right now, having been through a hellish diabetes-troubles-related weekend. So let me know, if you've got any ideas or suggestions or connections. And yes, if you've got money, although I didn't figure that would be the main benefit of writing this post, I'm not crossing it off as a possibility. =)

I feel horribly bad to even write that down, that I would just take your money. But the truth is, for my health and the incredible benefit to my family, I totally would. That being said....please note that I didn't mean to ask for money. I just want support in this endeavor, lots of prayers that this can happen and SOON, and any helpful hints you might have.



At 11:53 PM, Blogger rach cortest said...


My kids all played in the dirt extensively as little tiny children. We even have a movie of Lucas at 9 months putting mud in his mouth. Now I will have an answer when people act shocked about that movie.

Wish I had some extra dinero because I would love to help you get the pump. I will see what I can find out from other sources, love, rachel

At 9:24 AM, Anonymous Becky said...

Check out craigslist. I've been seeing a lot of translating jobs there lately (and some of them are even Spanish-English).


At 10:33 AM, Blogger Elin said...

I'm already very much involved in numer 1!

Sending all the good thoughts and hoping you get a pump soon.


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