Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pictures of our walk in the woods...and a blurb.

I've been having a bit of a tough time lately. I've been so tired out, and run down, and all the regular stuff you'd expect from a mom of a 5-year-old and 18-month-old who has diabetes and a crazy but very normal happy life and etc etc. And now we all have colds, and my throat hurts a lot so I can't even talk much, and the baby's fussy, and all that. was just incandescently beautiful, full of glowingly perfect moments I just want to capture and keep forever, full of reminders of why it's great to be me. Full of moments of love and joy and laughter amid all the normal chaos of the boys running around outside, chasing each other around the tractor...and around and around and around! And squealing with laughter. Or inside, in the late afternoon, putting on music and pulling up a chair for each boy and making banana bread together and everyone dancing around and being silly. Or the boys dumping out all the Legos on the kitchen table (hello, huge mess!) and then playing sweetly together for however long it took me to sweep the floor and unload the dishwasher. And then cleaning up without a fuss! Or just the feeling of accomplishment I got from getting to do dishes, laundry, sweep and vacuum, play outside, play fetch with the dog, make banana bread, and have dinner timed perfectly so it was all done at the same exact moment, about one minute after Ben walked through the door. And since I got to take a nap for the first time in forever (the key to our beautiful day, in case you hadn't guessed), I didn't feel TOO exhausted at the end of it!

So. A good day. Not very different from all the other days. But these are the moments I want to remember. I want to hold on to all this blessedness after the sleeplessness is a distant memory. I have so, so many reasons to be thankful. Here are just a couple from the other day, when we went on a "nature walk" in our own woods:

I find this picture funny because here we are out in our back woods, going on a hike, looking at nature, finding cool things like bunny skeletons and funnel web spiders and monarchs...and yet Nathan is pretending to chat on his "phone." It's also funny because that is so not who Ben and I are! But Nathan loves to make everything into a phone. That kid also loves water more than I ever thought one could love water. He gets more excited about a drink of water than most kids do when they see a cool construction vehicle. Sound effects included!

This guy was quite glad he got to come along. I wish everyone was this easy to please!

Possibly the cutest picture ever! Love those boys' energy...wish I could get some of it...glad we all got to get out and run around in the woods the other day!

More pictures to come soon, if I get the chance. Also, if the "chasing around the tractor" pictures turned out well. It's hard to capture a good picture when everyone's moving around so crazily!

Thank you, world, for such a beautiful day!


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