Sunday, October 12, 2008

Distracted but still laughing.

Eleven days between today and moving day. It's hard to think of anything else.

At times I'll get a little glimpse of some other topic flashing through my head. But mostly I spend a LOT of time thinking about all the wonderful things about Raleigh. I can't think yet about all the people. I can't mourn the moving yet because I have to get through it first. I can't be really excited about our new life until I get a chance to be sad about leaving this one. It is so hard to leave any place, because there are always great things about it that you can never get back. And Raleigh has been such a wonderful place for us to live as a young family with a small child. And I HATE thinking of losing our friends here.

So I won't.

In other news, my cashier at Whole Foods today was named "Assie." I kid you not. I can't decide if that's worse than Ravyshyng or not, but I did momentarily wonder what Ravyshyng's middle name is...

My life could be so much worse. =)


At 8:29 AM, Blogger rach cortest said...


Oh, I think that it is definitely worse. My kids call my mom assafassa with the vowels like Spanish.

It is hard to move and leave friends. After leaving Berkeley 25 years ago, we are still in contact with many of the people we met in married student housing.

It will be fun to get to see James more because we have not had a photo of him for a long time (hint hint0 love, rachel

At 4:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sandra left me a message last night and said you were moving back to OK. I know it is hard to leave one place and thinking about the people you will miss is sometimes overwhelming!

That being said, I am excited that we might get to see you and James when we get to visit Charlie and Sandra!!!

Good luck moving...we will be thinking and praying for you!

karen and greg


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