Sunday, November 23, 2008

We've Been Here How Long?

Today we went to our old church, the church in which Ben and I were married. It was lots of fun, especially taking James in the nursery where I used to work, and of course running into all these HUGE people that I used to take care of when they were James' size. Many of the people we saw at first thought we were visiting, and when we explained that we were back for good, they asked how long we'd been back.

It's funny, because to me it feels like a very short time, but Ben says it feels like we've been here for quite awhile. I attribute this to the number of days James and I were stuck alone in my mom's house compared to the same number of days Ben was doing exciting things at his new work...James and I really still feel like we're on extended vacation. Hopefully things will start to feel more settled, since we finally moved into our OWN home, IN Norman, on Monday. So to me it feels like we've been here almost a week.

And yet it feels like sooooooo long since we got to see all our old friends in Raleigh. I can't believe we've been here a month. It's very hard not to have James' friends around, and not to have his friends' moms, who became my dear friends, also just around the corner or across the street or around the Beltline or whatever. We are still definitely in Raleigh withdrawal.

But things are starting to look up as we get settled in to our new home and slowly get things unpacked. Now I just have to start thinking about whether or not we'll be unpacked before...CHRISTMAS? Holy cow, when did it get to be the holiday season already? I still partially feel frozen in that late-summer, early-autumn time we were in when Ben decided to apply for this job.

I'm a little disoriented, can ya tell?

But on a happier note, I can't WAIT until we get to have ALL of our family down into our new home for the long as I have a workable home to have them in! =)


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