Wednesday, November 05, 2008


So, we're in Oklahoma, and it's NOVEMBER, for cryin' out loud, and there are TORNADO WATCHES. WTF, mates? Tornadoes are for spring. This is freaking me out. So I turned on the TV this afternoon to watch the weather reports so I'd know if James and I needed to play puzzles in the closet for awhile, and I caught some news show reporting on the phenomenon of "election withdrawal." You know, where people are depressed now that the election's over, the way some people feel the day after Christmas.


Tom Brokaw was quoted as saying something along the lines of " I don't think anyone really wants this to be over. We all want to be doing this forever."

HAHAHAHAHAH. He obviously forgot to read my blog yesterday.

Election withdrawal? Puh-LEASE! I know there are people who feel that way but I simply cannot relate. I am just so glad it's over. I was so stressed out last night because Ben was locked onto the TV like it was the SuperBowl or something and that kind of suspense is the LAST thing I need in my life. (Side note: I wish I had enough energy to post all my wonderful thoughts on the election and such, but no such luck. About the best I can do tonight is some tired YES WE CAN theme, so I'll spare you. Another day, maybe.)

Today was pretty awful. TruGreen ChemLawn came out and sprayed Mom's yard with no warning, and also sprayed with the freakin' dog outside, which is even more of an atrocity than the regular spraying. So we couldn't play out in the yard, or with the dog. And the threat of downpour and vortices was pretty constant, so we couldn't take a walk. And we were stuck without a car and with no visitors and AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I am going crazy.

People, we need our own house PRONTO.

But I do not need election coverage to excite me. =)


At 10:50 PM, Blogger Mem said...

i hate the election crap too - and coicidentally chem lawn bc they spray the lawn inbetween mine and my neighbor's who we hang out with all the time and me barefoot family always walks across that lawn and on chem lawn days we can't or if we are 2 and can't read and do it anyway get a rash.


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