Monday, April 13, 2009

It's past my bedtime, thus no comprehensible title or anything else sensible.

Confirmed: I have a reason to be wary of ticks. We went to the cabin for the holiday weekend...everyone else spent waaaaaaay more time out in the woods than I did (I got there 7 hours after they did, courtesy of a *great* day spent with my friend Becky).....and I go out for 10 minutes with them all to search for Easter eggs...and I come in with a tick actually attached to my back. Not just crawling on me. Yeesh!

Confirmed: I SUCK at this whole "getting James' energy out" thing. Seriously. I hate this. Over the weekend he ran around with all of us and then he actually Went To Sleep at a Normal Bedtime each and every night and slept all night and got up at a normal time. Today? I tried so hard to run him around. I kept him out and about from 8 till noon. I played out in the backyard with him for at least 30 minutes before dinner. I danced around with him in the living room this afternoon. But's 10:00 and Ben is in there trying to get him to sleep. Why? WHY???!!!???

Not yet confirmed: Whether or not we are going to get to buy this house that we want! But send all your good thoughts and karma and prayers and whatever you got our way! Holy cow, I think we're gonna buy a house! WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!


At 2:59 PM, Blogger Hobo Mama said...

I can never manage the getting-energy-out thing, either! Why is that?? Where does all their energy come from, and can I tap into it somehow?!

Sending good house-buying vibes your way!

At 1:50 PM, Blogger Aidan&Peytons Mama said...

Aidan is the same way. No matter what I do with him during the day, he never goes to sleep easily. He hasn't taken naps for about a year now either. I wish he loved to sleep like me. Thank goodness Peyton does. Good luck with the house!


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