Thursday, November 03, 2011

Word Explosion

I have a little bit of Mommy Guilt. Who doesn't? But mine is, particularly, at this moment, Second Child Syndrome guilt. Not only the part where Nathan gets to do things that James never did, because, you know, they're not very safe...but also the part where I tried really hard to write down as many special moments with James as I possibly could. Every tooth that came in, every new step that he took, every funny sentence he's uttered, all the signs he knew...

And with Nathan, I really just sort of hope that James can help him fill in the blanks. Because James' memory is much, much better than ours! And I honestly have no idea when which tooth came in for this baby. I only know that he's got a heckuva lotta teeth. Well, that, and a few weeks ago he cut FOUR teeth in the same 24-hour period. For now, that fact is burned into my brain due to lack of sleep, but I know I'll forget. Unless! I manage to start blogging all this stuff.

Thus, here I am. About 2 to 3 weeks ago, Nathan had a word explosion. Before that, he was signing a few words, saying a few words, and making sound effects and gestures to make himself perfectly well understood, and he was happy with that. He would say "mup" for "milk," "mo!" for "more," and Da-Da, and of course his first word was "goat." He'd sign for milk, or more, or all done, or potty.

But then one day he just woke up and knew probably 100 new words. It was really that many. Right now he's saying "ga-goo, ga-goo!" which means "tractor, tractor!" and looking at the tractor in one of his baby books. And of course, when I looked down and said, "Oh, tractor?" he went, "Yeah...." but his favorite word is NO! Some of the others I particularly enjoyed are: peachies, mulk, grackle, doggy, bubba, poop, potty, socks, kitty--

I could've gone on forever there, but I in fact finished writing this post and then realized that I wasn't logged in and lost it all. Therefore, The End. Stupid internet chaos crapola.

On a happy note, we had a babysitter today! A real live true babysitter!

On the other hand...James is a superfuss because of the Halloween candy. I hate candy. The End. For Real.

So long, see you tomorrow!


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