Saturday, June 23, 2007

Birthdays etc.

Hi everyone!

We finally made it back to NC almost a week ago...we had a GREAT trip in OK but have been so exhausted since then that we have not even been able to lift a finger to type a new blog. =)

However, before we left I was working on birthday wish list-type things for both James and me, since both of our birthdays are coming up and it might be easier for everyone who's asked what we want and need if I just give you some links. First are some toys for James, then things we could use jointly, then a couple of things I want and/or need. You can guess where the dividing lines are!

Goodnight, Opus, one of my favorite bedtime books EVER!

Island Treasure Toys (anything on this page)

musical instruments (or anything from the music together website…we really like the dance tapes and the clatterpillar, too.)

Classic ABC blocks

The Cuddlers and/or We Like to Nurse

Musical Animal Toys

Rainbow colored wooden stacker OR nesting rainbows

rainbow car track rollers

The only baby carrier we actually NEED

We want the Windy Day pattern of the Kozy too.

Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone (If I am ever to master cooking and my family is ever to be able to EAT my cooking....we need this book!)

I'd love a dress like this.

Or, just for fun, a Giant Microbe.

The Birth Partner or Gentle Birth Choices (or any other, for that matter, but those are the two that I need.)

Okay, so that was really a pretty long list, but it's just to give you an idea and really you should just all come visit us! Or if you live with us!

Love to everyone and we're so glad we're home but we miss everyone who's not here with us.