Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The blog that's not a blog....because lazy is good

Wow...a month with no Looks like I've had just enough time to write a few status updates on Facebook instead. For those of you who missed them, here's what January was like...

Nathan just woke up from his nap, to James saying..."Bubba! Let's get into mischief!" =)

My blood sugar's almost 400 (which is SUPERrare for me) and the dog just ran off and took a bath in cow patties. Great.

Wow. I seriously underestimated the amount of recovery time we would need from being so sick of the holidays. Today is one of those days I count as a success b/c I have managed to keep the kids fed, mostly clothed (PJs count, right?), and away from plastic bags and sharp knives.

upper body workout: check....shoveling manure/compost.
lower body workout: check...walking to the store with family.
time for crunches?, no. ;)
Good day, though!

I love kale chips. I just made some, ostensibly for myself...and I think I got to eat like 5 of them. The kids were pulling on my legs and begging for a bite. Yes! Yay for veggies! =)

Pinterest: proof that you can make a picture of ANYTHING with a hand and/or footprint.

I was cooking dinner just now, and J and N were playing in the living room. N wandered in to the kitchen to play. A few minutes later he started yelling his head off: "BUBBA! SANTA! BUBBA! SANTA!" Turns out we (and by "we" I mean "the kids") had stashed our little Santa in the kitchen cupboard at an undisclosed time during the holiday season. A Very Exciting Find, at least for the one-year-old!

...And now they're hopping around to country music and shouting, "YEE-HAW!" =)

Meanwhile...J and I were discussing the need for bathing today.
Me: Well, if you don't take a bath sometimes, it doesn't feel very good. Like if I didn't take a bath tonight, I would probably feel slimy tomorrow.
J: You wouldn't *be* slimy, though, Mom. You'd just be....gross.

Accomplishment for the day: Ben (inadvertently) taught Nathan to say "Cankles!" ...that "repeat everything" stage is killer. ;)

"Mama, Mama, see! see! IGHT-ING! IGHT-ING!" (lightning, in case you can't speak Nathan)

Sleep deprivation is the worst....followed closely by Extreme Allergy Attack.
Ugh. Definitely a case of the Mondays in there too. =(

James just now: "Mom, did you see how nimbly I climbed all the way from the table over to this counter? I didn't even touch the floor ONCE!"

James just wrote me a note, as follows:
He told me it says, "Mom, I love you. I can't wait!" go to his friend's house this afternoon. He is superpsyched! Note to self: plan more playdates! =)

Thought for the day:
The problem with making slow-cooker meals is that I always want to eat dinner at 3 p.m.
That will be all. Good night, facebook!

Good night for now, too, blogger!