Thursday, December 07, 2006

Indisputable (the whole story!)

NOTE: At last! This is the final version! I figured out how to make pictures smaller and apparently they load! (Actually, Ben did the dirty work, but whatever.) Yay! Internet gods, you have been foiled!

After James and I babysat James’ friend Olivia yesterday, I have discovered an undeniable truth: there is just not much in the world that is cuter than two babies playing together. See here:

However, this is an adult opinion, not necessarily shared by said two babies. Although they generally had a GREAT time, there was the occasional moment of confusion or displeasure. As in here:

where James says, uh, Olivia? What you're doing with that toy...I'm not sure that's allowed.

Or here:

Olivia says, Um, EXCUSE ME, but why haven’t you given me that toy yet?

And then, of course, there’s also the “denial” stage…As in, nope, there’s not another baby here, what you talkin’ about?

Yes, that is my son, surrounded by toys and faced by another baby, choosing to ignore it all and chew on his Boppy instead. Seriously.

So my guy, while maintaining an image of perfect decorum, was perhaps not the most well-pleased with the situation. However, when the mommy claps her hands together in front of James’ face? That, my friends, is something we can’t get enough of.

And yet, somehow Daddy still comes out ahead in the “cool parent” race.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Leaps forward and poops upward

So, within the last week or so, maybe a few days past that, James has had what I term a "Great Leap Forward," one of those times when you wake up one morning and he suddenly has all these new talents. For example: He can sit up on his own now (although he must be reminded not to lean back too far occasionally), he can not only roll over but does it with so much power that it's more like a "flip," he can and does stick his feet in his mouth and chew on them, and he can stick his bum WAAAAAAAY up in the air. He is so getting ready to crawl, which, for this mama, is both exciting and terrifying.

I wish I could post some more pictures right now, but haven't yet figured out that particular technology with our new camera, so must wait for Ben to be home and available to teach me how.

However....In other news, Ben wanted me to write about our experiences yesterday. The NC State Fairgrounds had two events yesterday that we thought would be fun: A Camelot Christmas and Scandinavian Christmas Fair. We had one heck of a time finding the Scandinavian building, but finally got into it and were standing in pretty much the center of all the action, when....James had a poop. And this was not a small poop. Those of you who hear from us frequently may be acquainted with the phrase "poo-splosion" but this went above and beyond that, and was actually a poo-fountain. Yes, his poo came flying out of his pants and up into the air and then onto the floor. Which, of course, Ben thought was HIL-arious. And then as he's going to get some napkins to clean up, a Swedish woman walks up to me and starts politely conversing....then notices the poop on the floor and makes the connection...then says, " I think I pretend I did not see." So that was the end of our Scandinavian experience. Too bad, because we were going to get pictures taken with Tomten (Santa) but of course, James had no pants! Oh well, at least we tried.

Till next time~