Monday, February 26, 2007


Friday, February 23, 2007

Overheard in Babies R Us

Husband, registering for baby shower gifts, to his obviously pregnant wife: "Honey, do you think we should get a wipes warmer?"

Wife: "No, we don't want to spoil him."

Oh my Lord! How can I even begin to address the problems here? First, I should add that of course they then proceeded to register for all manner of crapola that is completely unnecessary and, in my humble opinion, pretty worthless. Now, far be it from me to say that a wipes warmer is a necessary baby item...but I also cannot envision how, exactly, one would spoil a newborn child. Let me think...Cold wipes leading to frozen little bum versus warm wipes leading to relative comfort when having diapers changed...Nope, still not seeing it. If anything, I would call that a kindness. Oh well.

Now let's continue with this idea of "spoiling" a newborn. As mentioned, they registered for a ton of flashy toys and bouncy seats and Baby Einstein videos, etc, etc...but it's the wipes warmer that will spoil him? Hm...still I am confused. And while I'm at it, I'm sort of confused by how it's possible to spoil a newborn, period. A 2-year-old, okay, I can see that, but a 2-week-old? Nope. Not possible. They need what they want and they want what they need, period. And I'm pretty sure they're not gonna get snappy with you if you refuse them a wipes warmer, even if, God forbid, they come to expect it. But anyway...

Back to the subject of things that are necessary for babies....this feels a little tangential, but as I am also feeling chatty, let's proceed, shall we? As time goes by and I get more parenting experience under my belt, I really have begun to feel that the only truly necessary piece of baby gear is some sort of comfortable sling. I can see, and in fact have employed, ways to get around without just about everything else, but not that. Although if you're going to be traveling in a car, of course a carseat is necessary for safety. And one could wish for perhaps a hat and socks for the pieces of a baby that might stick out of a sling....and perhaps a diaper, if one is not using EC. (Which, by the by, we are not, although we are trying to use the easier ideas to prepare ourselves, a la Analise, for early potty training.)

Why am I talking about this? Because I need a new sling. But Susan, don't you already have several slings, you ask? Well...yes...but only one of them is strong and comfortable and flexible enough for me to wear James in it on my back, and it happens to be made of fleece...a little hot for the upcoming spring and summer weather. I like this one, what do you think? A little pricey, I I'm trying to figure out if I can make one or have a friend make one for me. Also...the reason we were at Babies R Us is that we "need" a new carseat to accommodate our growing boy, and a high chair as tell me what you think of these: car seat (Okay, not really that pattern...we're not that diehard) and high chair. But, as I may have mentioned....I'm still debating how necessary these things really are. Do we really want to spend our money on these? I don't know. They may not be necessary...but they sure are nice to have! And that, my friends, sums up how we here at la Casa de Baranowski feel about wipes warmers. Be kind to small bottoms, dear readers, be kind.

(Completely unrelated side note: Yes, I know, it's been far too long since our last posting. But first our camera decided not to work, then we had internet problems, then I got food poisoning, then my sister came to visit and got sick while she was here, then Ben had a test and was very very very busy at school and get the picture. And now you know why I've been rambling, because we can't show you the latest pictures of our delicious baby boy yet. But someday soon I will post lots of pictures, God willing, because one of my Valentine's Day resolutions (since we are so behind the times that we totally missed New Year's) is to post at least once a week. I promise. So check back soon! Until next time.)