Monday, May 26, 2008

Quick Note: Internet withdrawal

Yes, we're all still alive. Really, I promise.

It's just that we're on vacation and I didn't know that I wouldn't have internet access for A WHOLE WEEK! So yeah. I'm sorry I haven't been reading and commenting and posting and all that. I'm in a Panera right now so can't exactly update, and also can't read your blogs yet. So I'll still be absent, but just know I'm thinking about you, dear readers.

Love from Oklahoma!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Chillaxin' at the park

We went to the park a few weeks ago with James' little best buddy, Olivia. Although "wa-wa" has now become "wa-dirt" and "tain tacks" is now "train tracks," he still screams VAVA! every single time he sees her. And yes, that does include pictures of her on the internet. So Gwen, please post more pictures, because James needs a frequent dose of Vava pictures and gets a little upset sometimes when there aren't more of them!

We bought James some sunglasses recently because it has been so sunny and bright lately. However, we have yet to find a good hat. So when the occasion calls for one, like when we're playing in the sunny part of the park, he wears one of my old hats, which happens to have some pretty little flowers ("fidos") on it that James likes to sniff. Somehow, he still pulls it off and manages to look cool. Don'tcha think?

Or maybe he just looks confused? Either way, it looks good on him...right?

And I know I already posted one picture of James and Olivia holding hands, but this one is just heart-melting to me. THEY ARE SO CUTE!

That's right, Internet, you can denigrate mommy bloggers all you want to and I will still shout to the world that my son is precious and you WILL adore him.

And you know you love it.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Tain Tacks has now become TRAIN TRACKS!

For a long time around here, we've had a slight obsession with trains. And train tracks. And tracks with trains on them. And choo-choo trains. In case you were wondering, yes, all those things are very different, but equally exciting.

There are some train tracks near our house, but I never really realized until a couple of months ago how VERY MANY trains go by on it. I began to notice when James began to run up to us and yell TRAIN!!!! every time one came by, with the hope that we'd run him over to the window to watch.

Luckily, he doesn't do that so much anymore....he now only calls our attention to about half of the trains that go by outside. Perhaps this is because we finally got him his own train set?

That picture was taken just after his nap on the first day we got his train set....He woke up, sat up, and yelled TRAINS! and ran out and commenced playing with his new toy.

He also uses his choo-choos on every conceivable surface. Like, for example, the upside-down laundry basket.

And for the past several days and nights, he has had quite a few dreams about trains...some good, and some must be bad. Last night he woke up in the middle of the night, crying out NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! TRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNSSSSSSS!!!

I think maybe he was dreaming that someone took his new trains away from him.

Have we created a monster?

R is for RAINS!

Two days ago, James and I were sitting in the living room playing with his toys.

Me: "Mama's gonna make some lunch now. What should we have for lunch, baby?"
James: "FOODS!"

Later that afternoon James was playing with his stackable blocks when he decided to take two of the blocks, stick them together, stick a pencil in between them, hold them up over his head, and then look up at the sky and say, "Rains?"

He. Is. So. CUTE!

And did I mention smart as a whip?

Wait a minute...why is a whip smart?

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Yes. We are still alive.

It's just that our internet connection is, quite possibly, the worst EVER.

Am very frustated. HATE my internet. Am wishing that I was that old lady in Norway who had the fastest internet connection in the world. (Does anyone else remember that story? Was it Norway or was it Denmark or am I totally making this up? Okay, great.)

Anyway. The last few days have been a blur of low blood sugars and trying to get ready for our trip. I have pictures for you. But I can't promise anything because our internet HATES US.

The End--

hopefully followed by a picture update in the near future.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I don't know exactly what makes a good mother, although I do know that crazy fierce love is a fundamental requirement. I know that I'm very thankful I have a good mother. And I try to be a good mother to James, and I hope that when he looks back on his life he will consider me one.

I had planned to say more today, but Mother Nature took the opportunity to remind me that I could be a mother again at some point in the future by bringing me some fierce cramps. So I'm going to go be a good mommy and give my son a bath and then go to bed early with him so I'm not Cranky Mama tomorrow.

Sweet dreams, everyone! Our Head Cold of Doom is mostly gone so hopefully I'll have time to post more pictures soon...sorry for the lack of updates lately. A Series of Unfortunate Events, indeed.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Stupid Internets, giving me hope of blogging again. I should've known I would just get shot down by A RAGING COLD. I feel like I'm wearing a football helmet stuffed with cotton balls. Also, my sinuses might just explode.

So the pictures might have to wait a while, because I'm going to bed.

See you soon, I hope. As soon as I kick this thing's "bump," which is what James calls his buttocks area. ;)

Monday, May 05, 2008

Hello Again


Yes, after over a week with NO computer all day every day for Susan, and OH THE AGONY, we finally got a replacement video card yesterday and I am now actually connected to the world! Whoo-hoo!

So without further ado, I wanted to show you pictures that I know you've been missing. Here's the first. I call it Reasons to Occasionally Skip the Big Kid Bed:

More later! I'm so happy to be back!