Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Miracle of Life

So this morning we had a kid.

Quick, easy, all-natural labor.

In fact, we didn't even find the kid until about 10:30, and we figure the birth was around 7:00 this morning.

Surprise! Surprise to you and to us, that is. We didn't even know our girl goat was pregnant.

Go ahead and laugh. But then ask yourselves, what the heck? She was in heat for three months in a row, I swear. Except apparently she wasn't, because she was busy growing this kid.

Clover stole my thunder. She beat me to the punch. Our baby girl goat is a mommy! I can't believe it.

No, really. Ben asked me if I believed in the Baby Jesus Goat, since it was almost a case of immaculate conception. She had to have got pregnant like the day before we got her. Anyway.

Soooooooooooooooo tired. Such a cute baby. Must go sleep. Adios!

Friday, January 15, 2010

No time for reflections

It feels sad to me that it's been almost a month since I got on the internet. I used to have a great support network here, and really get to express myself and feel less alone with whatever thing I was going through...but lately, first since we bought a farm (where we can't really get internet access) in June and then especially since I got pregnant in July and couldn't get up off the couch for 4 or 5 months...I just haven't been getting out much.

Our holidays were half awesome, half sad. Sad because we couldn't get together with any extended family because of the blizzard. Also because our dog ate a knob off of a dresser and had to have emergency surgery. Thus no Christmas presents for Ben and me. Ben says we bought ourselves a (very expensive) healthy dog for Christmas. That was not very fun.

But awesome because we had TONS of snow and we had uninterrupted days upon days with Daddy. It was actually a little bit of a tough adjustment when he had to go back to work. And since then I've had umpteen-zillion doctor appointments, as it's less than three months till Baby Brother gets here.

And no, we do not have a name for him yet. Besides Gardenyarter Bijeeto. Which James is *still* convinced is his name. Sometimes we call him Thumper because he loves to thump around in there, but pretty sure that's not going on the birth certificate either. We promise we'll let you know...when he's born! ;)

Gotta run. But, for the record, I still miss you, internets. Maybe someday we'll get home access and be friends again?